As a Board Member, Partner, Owner or Office Manager,
Do you know your Cyber Security Readiness ?

What does Cyber Security Readiness mean ?

Cyber security readiness is about:

  • Knowing what is at Risk – What you need to secure
  • Understanding how to reduce your risk
  • Knowing  where the risks are – What is at stake if you have that boom moment
I believe that:

All businesses are going to have to pay for cyber security!

– What is best is if they do it on their timeline and their budget.

To state this another way, you are either going to:

> invest on cyber security now or

> pay for it later!

    I am offering a Free ‘Cyber Security Readiness Discussion’

    What are the outcomes from a Discussion with us.

    1. Know your Cloud/Services Exposure,
    2. Understand your Security Risks,
    3. Understand your Essential 8 Alignment and what it can mean for you,
    4. Interpret your Cyber Security Insurance Answers and how to improve them.