Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

The next evolution in Business Communications.

Unified Communications

Our unified communications solutions extend the power of a cloud voice system into a complete collaboration experience – all with carrier grade infrastructure and access to advanced telephony features. Create call flows to suit your requirements and implement a range of features including call forwarding, call routing, IVR, call recording, call analytics and AI, custom hold music and more.

Cloud voice, video, chat and share

All-in-one business communications

Retire your PBX and move to a Unified Communications cloud-based solution (UCaaS) suited for distributed workforce requirements, best practice collaboration and unrivaled customer experiences.

  • Skip the technically challenging and expensive process of managing siloed products.
  • Eliminate invoicing challenges, admin stress and revenue leakage.
  • There’s no supply chain delays – provisioning is done within hours.

What is Unified Communications

A Unified Communications (UC) solutions provides

  • Voice – One number to contact you on any device
  • Instant MessagingWhen you can’t talk, simply send a quick message and stay connected to your teams regardless of where you are.
  • HD Video and Voice Calling – Highest quality voice and video helps make both one-on-ones and group conferences much more productive.
  • Virtual Meeting Room – UC-One My Room is your virtual meeting space where you and your team can meet at any time for a productive collaboration session.
  • Screen Sharing – You’re one click away from sharing your desktop, no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.
  • File Sharing – It’s super easy and secure to share files of any type. Simply drag your file or click on the paper click icon.
  • Presence – knowing where intended contacts are, and if they are available, in real time.

Across each of

  • Physical Phones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Softphones (PC & Apple) computers

Work the way you want from anywhere

Keeping your employees connected from wherever they happen to be working, is critical to most organisations. Multiple collaboration applications in combination with a mobile/dispersed workforce tends to result in a fragmented communications experiences. This can lead to poor teamwork, broken processes, and slow responses to customers.
Keep it simple with one tool that lets you call, message, and meet from anywhere and any device.

Ideal for business professionals who collaborate across the organisation from distributed locations. Communicator lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

Unified Communications solutions

A Unified Communications solution can produce enormous benefits in efficiency and productivity for most organisations. In reality, in order to be functional these systems tend to be extremely complex. Therefore, organisations need to find a balance between the need for advanced features and flexibility vs the often-prohibitive cost of obtaining them.

Pegasus Technology provides cloud-unified communications and collaboration by utilising Access4’s implementation of the Cisco BroadWorks platform and their proprietary SASBOSS interface. This allows us to provide a full service UCaaS solution that helps your business stay connected and productive at a fraction of the cost of implementing it in-house.

Reduce telephony costs.
No PABX requirements means minimal upfornt costs
See the presence of co-workers through UCaaS.
Allow staff the ability to collaborate from almost anywhere.
Chat through unified messaging.
Have a single number that can reach you on multiple devices or locations.
Colaborate in ad-hoc rooms to share documents instantly.
Identical services from at all locations.

Features and Benefits of the Pegasus/Access4 UCaaS Platform

  • Built-in redundancy (improved reliability) of your voice solution
  • Ease of management and effortless reporting on usage
  • Streamlined user experience throughout existing tools/applications (works with CRM and other business critical applications)
  • Flexibility to accommodate remote and mobile employees
  • Scalability (add or remove seats as needed)
  • Reduced IT workloads
  • OpEx model + reduced upfront CapEx on equipment/software (phones can be leased)
  • Decreased maintenance; managed updated and security patches
  • Single point-of-contact for troubleshooting via Pegasus Technology, your UCaaS provider

Microsoft Teams

Developed to enhance the intuitive experience that makes Microsoft Teams the global business comms platform of choice, our solution supports carrier grade infrastructure via BroadWorks and advanced telephony features necessary for streamlined collaboration and customer experience.

Microsoft Teams Calling offers a complete PBX replacement and all-in-one business communication platform for organisations of all sizes.

  • Simple set up and onboarding with automated Powershell© scripting.
  • Month to month services with stress-free scaling to suit changing business needs.
  • Carrier grade infrastructure and proven business continuity measures for confidence in customer services.
  • Lightening fast, zero touch provisioning and automated, consolidated invoicing across UCaaS products.

With no lock-in contract and flexible licensing options including PAYG and included calls in Australia and New Zealand, there’s a solution to suit every business, from call intensive large deployments to small license models for small to medium businesses.