3 Critical Mistakes that Business Owners make
when Choosing their IT Services Provider

Let’s talk about your business.

Your business runs on IT, doesn’t it?

So, your IT systems are the lifeblood of your business, aren’t they?

Now, you are an expert on your business, but not on IT, right?

Therefore, you need a reliable services provider to keep your IT systems up and running, don’t you?

How will you know whether they are any good, BEFORE you trust them with your business’ IT systems?
In my 30+ years’ experience in this sector, I have seen many things go right, but many more go wrong.

Worst of all, I have seen many business owners choose the wrong IT services provider and it has been catastrophic to their business.
To help you make an informed choice, here, in my 30+ year experience, are the top three critical mistakes that business owners make when choosing their IT services provider:

Mistake #1:

Underestimating the true value of IT by choosing a Services Provider based on price

For reasons of cost or convenience, businesses often have their IT systems managed by:

  • the office manager or the business owner
  • a “Wizkid”’ (e.g. someone’s son)
  • A “one-man band” or sole operator business

This introduces enormous risks into the business, such as: 

  1. Leaving your systems down with no one available to get them back up again, because it is impossible for a sole support person to always be available. For example, there may be times when they are:
    • Ill or injured
    • uncontactable, they may be on holidays
    • tied up fixing something else’s IT problems
  2. Getting stuck with outdated and unsuitable IT systems
    People who are supporting only a single or a limited number of organisations often means that they have not had the breadth of exposure to alternative and emerging IT solutions. So how can they advise you on new technologies for your future IT direction and business system needs?

Mistake #2:

Not asking enough questions about the service provider’s IT security

Hackers love targeting IT services providers with easy access to their client’s data and systems. Yet, the reality is that most services providers only use single passwords to prevent unauthorised access to their systems and hence to your data. Security best-practice demands stronger measures.

An inexperienced or lazy services provider presents a big risk to your business!

Mistake #3:

Not asking enough questions about service quality from your services provider

What will happen when you need IT support? Will you be put into a queue and passed off from one person to another, or will the first person be able to resolve your issue?

Ask these questions:

  • Do I get the same person to support me every time I call?

    Why do I need to ask this question?
    For general support, if the support engineer has knowledge of your systems and environment, then they are going to provide far better support than someone starting cold.
    A primary support engineer assigned to your business provides a far more efficient and personalised service than a “first available” random technician.
  • Does the support “team” know my business, if that person is unavailable?

    Why do I need to ask this question?
    If you are allocated a specific support engineer, then their availability will need to be backed up by someone else, as they will not always be available when you need them. They will also need to know your IT environment and have access to its history.
  • Will the first person I speak to be able to resolve my problem?

    Why do I need to ask this question?
    Typically, when you call for technical support, you have to describe your problem. Often, you then are placed into a queue, or they’ll have a technician call you back.  Then you’ll need to describe your problem again. In the meantime, your problem is still not fixed AND you lose valuable time that you could be spending running your business. Sounds Familiar?
    It doesn’t have to be this way. Good MSPs will have the first person who answers your call fix your problem.

How can you avoid making these mistakes?

For your peace of mind I have created a free Checklist to help you choose the right IT Services provider for your business.