Pegasus Technology Ethos

Individually strong, collectively extraordinary!

 We are proud to celebrate a real Pegasus Technology ‘Ethos’. This is built from our vision of Excellence and should be evident in how we act, behave, the choices we make and the people and partners we meet.

At Pegasus Technology we are proud of our constitutional ethos of providing excellence in everything we do. Our staff are employed not only for their knowledge and experience, but also because of their values. It’s important to us that when we interview new candidates, they appeal to our company culture as well as having the right credentials. Our approach to each project sets us apart from the rest, because we genuinely care about our clients’ experience, in addition to providing robust IT solutions.

We Listen

Our approach is to keep an open mind and listen to what our clients say. We are creative, innovative thinkers and relish a new challenge. We believe in a supportive environment, which encourages the best from our workforce. To ensure that each project is attended to with exceptional quality, every member of the staff is accountable. We enjoy working this way, because we don’t operate a blame culture. We are kind and spirited; an attribute of which we are proud.

Clear Talking

There is little point in communicating with complicated technical jargon, which is why we use plain, clear language to simplify information so that our clients know exactly what’s happening with their projects, every step of the way. As technology progresses we do too, but there is no room for complacency.


We take ownership of our customers’ needs and are accountable for delivering friendly and professional service. All of our staff take full accountability for our work, and put in the additional time and effort to finish the job.

Wow The Customer

We love to surprise with innovative ideas, which is why we are never satisfied until every possibility has been considered.


We have fun at work, and regular social events. It’s essential to our well-being and to creating real relationships. A lively and friendly atmosphere at work allows for a happy team, and a happy team translates into high motivation and better service.