Essential 8
Managed Security Services

The complete
Essential 8 Managed Security Service.

Pegasus Technology’s Essential 8 Managed security services (E8MSS) is a complete service where our engineers provide, manage and monitor the tools to  implement the system controls so every aspect of compliance to your desired Maturity Level of the Essential 8 is met.

E8MSS is the managed service  where our engineers:





every aspect of Essential 8 compliance for your business.

E8MSS makes it easy for you to quickly implement these strategies and achieve compliance. Once E8MSS is implemented, we will continuously update your compliance to keep in line with current recommendations.

E8MSS implements every aspect of the service to achieve a Maturity Level 1 or higher. Pegasus Technology  continues to monitor compliance and alerts on any instances of non-compliance in your network.

With our intuitive interface and comprehensive features, you can confidently protect your organisation against cyber threats.

For organisations that do not have the IT staff on hand – or would prefer to keep them involved in more value-adding activities – our Essential 8 Managed Security Services (E8MSS) can implement and manage your organisational change.

Business & Enterprise

The Essential 8 Compliance for Small/Medium Business’s and Enterprise

Block executables
Software Libraries
Compiled HTML
HTML Applications
Control Panel Applets
Microsoft Driver Block Rules
24/7 Helpdesk
Automated Discovery
Patch 3rd party Apps
Block Unsupported Versions
Vunerability Scanning
Block Macros in files from internet
Endpoint Defence and Response Scanning (Next Level AntiVirus)
Macro Execution – Disabled for users without business case
Web Browser Java Rules
  • Group based availability control
Ad Blocking
  • Group based availability control
Web browser security settings
  • DNS Security
  • Zero Trust Credentials
  • Web Application Blocking
Macros blocked from creating child processes
Macro child process blocking
Automated Privilege access
Requests are validated on the first request
Privilaged accounts prevented from accessing the internet
Local accounts run with standard permissions
OS Patch in 1 week
Critical OS patches within 48 hours
Continuous vunerability scanning
Conditional Access Policies
Enforced on Priveleged users
TOTP Secure Access
Unlimited retention and Data
Backups stored securely offsite
Backups performed multiple times per day
Data Storage Selection – AU Data Repository
Includes Teams Chat and Channels

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