Moving house is commonly regarded as one of the most stressful things in life, and there is little doubt that moving office may produce a similar stress response. For those responsible for organising an office move, the central question is avoiding the loss of operational capability. Downtime which impacts the delivery of services to customers is simply unacceptable in today’s fast paced business and commercial world.

Generally the earlier we get involved the better.
Clients are often surprised how much assistance we can provide and how much easier we can make it.

If you are moving offices then Pegasus provides you with a fully managed solution for the safe and secure re-location of your IT systems and equipment anywhere in the Sydney. Our professional and friendly engineers arrive ready to de-commission, securely package and transport all your IT systems and hardware over to your new office location. We commission all systems and equipment in your new office environment ensuring your business is back up and running again for the next business day.


Stress free – leave the planning and logistics to meet your operational deadlines to us

Survey and cabling services to ensure new offices are cabled to meet your infrastructure needs

End-to-end service from shut down to start up

Re-location Services from Pegasus

  • Fully managed IT relocation services
  • De-commissioning of all IT systems & equipment
  • co-ordinate relocation of voice and data services and infrastructure
  • Secure packaging & transportation over to your new office location
  • Commissioning of your IT systems and equipment at your new office location ready for the next business day
  • Greater Sydney Coverage

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