DNS Filter

Essential 8 - Application hardening

What is DNS Filtering ?

DNS filtering blocks malicious or forbidden websites and applications at the DNS level so that they cannot be loaded on user devices.

Why DNS?

88% of organizations were hit with at least one DNS-based attack last year

DNS is the most vulnerable layer, with the most varied attack surfacD

Putting constraints at the DNS layer as opposed to the firewall level reduces threat exposurD

ML-based protection is the fastest, most accurate classifier, beats human

DNS is everywhere-it should be protected everywhere, deploy DNS protection first

Solution Overview

Essential 8 – Application Hardening

Machine-powered DNS security

Deploy to remote devices or at the network level, plus on guest wifi network

Combines intelligence data from industry threat feeds and our own internal domain intelligence tool

As a result, DNSFilter stops zero day phishing and ransomware before they hit your network

Cloud-based. No updates.

Always connected to the fastest server near you.

Deployment Options

Network Deployment – agentless whole network protection, reroute your DNS and start blocking threats immediately

oaming Client – agent installed on individual devices for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome; provides the most granular reporting

Relay – a local DNS proxy service for WIndows, macOS, and Linux

DNSFilter Value Props

Protect and filter guest wifi networks

Full reporting system shows which users are clicking threats or unwanted content

Easy deployment means near zero downtime for your business

So, how does DNS filtering work?

The short answer: DNS filtering gives you the ability to filter bad or unwanted content at the DNS level. DNS filtering works by categorizing every single domain you attempt to access and cross-referencing those categorizations and domain names with policies you’ve determined you want to block. If you want to block all social media sites and attempt to access a brand new social media site, you won’t be able to because your policy will stop you. DNS protection solutions, like DNSFilter, include DNS filtering as a feature.

If DNS is the phonebook, think of DNS filtering as a caller ID system that can enable call blocking.

With DNS filtering, when you type in a website’s domain, a filtering process takes place between the IP address being retrieved and the page being displayed. This filtering process categorizes the site into a variety of groupings that include news and media, social networking, malicious, illegal content, and much more.

Businesses put DNS filters in place to block employees or guest Wi-Fi users from specific sites. A business might choose to block social media sites during work hours for their employees or illegal content for both employees and public Wi-Fi guests. A DNS filtering system will always block users from malicious content.

Top 4 questions our customers ask about DNS security

DNS filtering gives you a different layer of protection, making your company more secure. Firewalls do not dynamically categorize and block content nor prevent existing malware from launching attacks or phoning home for new instructions.
Antivirus software monitors your computer and looks for suspicious files and activities that may indicate a malware or trojan is already present.

Your firewall and antivirus software won’t prevent

  • Social engineering schemes such as phishing email
  • Malicious attacks that go around your firewall (think of public Wi-Fi scenarios)
  • Zero-day threat
  • Off network threats

Without DNS filtering in place, a malicious link can cause irreparable damage to your devices, data, and business as a whole.
60% of small businesses that become the victim of a cyberattack, usually a ransomware attack, will need to shut down
operations within 6 months. Phishing attacks account for over 80% of all reported cybersecurity incidents. Experts estimate that
nearly $18,000 is lost every minute because of phishing schemes. DNS filtering is one of the best ways to stop these attacks.

Beyond phishing attacks, work is moving off the network. Half of businesses offer some form of remote work and nearly 20% of
the workforce telecommutes full-time. We’re no longer completely protected by the office network so we need to find an
alternative to safeguard your employees and your business.

Absolutely, content filtering keeps employees on task and protected from harmful content. 89% of all employees waste time at
work on a daily basis and 57% of those surveyed waste an hour or more each day. Plus features like safe search and content
blocking, can protect your employees from uncomfortable situations where they see content they prefer was blocked.

Additionally, many industries have compliance standards to meet and there are many illegal sites that could mean legal troubles
for your business if employees access them, on purpose or accidentally

Not at all! The query speed for our DNS filtering is generally under 10 milliseconds. You’re always connected to the fastest server
near you and we provide one of the fastest DNS networks in the world. Faster than Google, Cloudflare, Cisco, and everyone else.
In almost every case, you will actually speed up web traffic for your employees

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