Secure Filesync & Share for Business

We know FileSync & Share (FSS) has become very important to businesses to the tune of $2.3B according to IDC.
But if the solutions you’ve found aren’t purpose built for business, it’s time to get serious about finding one that is.

Introducing FILR from Micro Focus

Unlike other mobile file access and collaborative file sharing solutions, Micro Focus Filr has been designed with the enterprise in mind This  results in less administration, better security and more productive users.

Filr gives you a secure alternative to cloud-based file sharing services like Dropbox, where many employees store sensitive company information with little security. Find out how Filr lets you give your employees mobile file sharing and access, without ever putting your data at risk.

The Top Ten Reasons Filr 2.0 Offers True Enterprise  Filesync & Share

  1. Gives users access to their home directories. Filr gives your users access to their home directories and network folders from any device or location. That means users scan access a familiar environment where they can quickly get to work.
  2. Offers Files on Demand. Download only the files you need by simply clicking on them. The new Files on Demand Desktop Clients feature provides quick provisioning, fast file syncs, lower network load, and low hard disk usage. Plus you still don’t need to move files into a special folder or onto a specific piece of hardware to push them to mobile devices. IT does not need to provision new storage and users don’t need to create or recreate folders. You already have everything set up nicely. Filr simply helps you share it across devices.
  3. Provides added support. Not only does Filr support the latest operating systems from Windows and Apple, it also adds support for other platforms. Support for MariaDB, an open source database, can help you drive down TCO. Additionally, Citrix XenServer hypervisor support adds more options to host the Filr virtual appliance.
  4. Allows users to choose the device. Filr works with Windows and Mac desktops and mobile devices running iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile. That means whether they’re on a laptop, an iPhone, an Android tablet or on another device, users can connect to their files from wherever they roam.
  5. Connects to SharePoint 2013 On Premises. Reclaim all of your files from SharePoint document libraries with Filr. This connecter enables you to use SharePoint data without moving it anywhere. And because SharePoint 2013 ACLs are mapped to Filr roles, you won’t spend valuable time on permissions.
  6. Deploys easily. Filr is a virtual appliance-based solution, which makes installation and deployment easy and fast for IT. Adoption is easy for users as well. They can download
    the Filr clients and mobile device apps in just seconds.
  7. Leverages your current data protection. Because Filr connects to users’ home directories and shared network folders, the data backup and security systems your IT
    department has built and you’ve invested in remain in force.
  8. Doesn’t make you buy extra storage. Yes, many cloud services give away a few gigs of storage, but for the amount of storage most organizations need, you have to
    pay. Why buy cloud storage when you already have a data center? With Filr, you get mobile access without an increase in storage expenses.
  9. Enhances security. Filr 2.0 introduces many new security features to keep your organization’s data safe. Enhanced support for KeyShield Single Sign-On and the ability to enforce PIN settings on iOS and Android devices ensure user security. And access restrictions to the Filr virtual appliance gives IT the power to control who uses the appliance. Plus Filr still works with Active Directory or eDirectory to extend the user access controls you’ve already developed. Whatever group and user access rights govern your home and network folders will also govern those folders and files as users access them on their mobile devices.
  10. Features built-in feedback. This optional feature collects statistics from your Filr server about server configuration, most frequently used features, and any system problems. This information is automatically sent to Micro Focus, so we can make Filr even better.

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