Survive and prosper with a cloud-based telephony system

The way that organisations work has changed exponentially in the last few months. COVID-19 caught the world massively off guard. Businesses of all size have been trying to ride the current crisis whilst proofing against potential future ones.

Organisations with on-premise phone systems have found that effectively working from home has been particularly challenging. Many sales teams have been using personal mobiles as work phone replacement. Many receptionists have tried and failed to transfer calls remotely; and most employees have resorted to asking customers to email them instead. With the remote working era looking likely to continue for some time, these risky workarounds could lead to loss of customers and some seriously unhappy employees.

A cloud-based phone solution could end these challenges both now and long-term. Cloud phone systems offer huge benefits for remote workers, save costs and simplify technology. Where you already use Microsoft Teams, integration with your cloud based phone solution can create an all-in-one communication solution. 

Working remotely with Business Voice

Businesses already set-up for cloud-based telephony have transitioned to remote working fairly smoothly. Their business phone lines operate as normal, existing phone numbers remain the same and employees make and answer calls from anywhere, on any device.

Typical cloud based voice solutions also includes audio conferencing so customers, vendors and suppliers alike can join a meeting using a dial-in number. Headsets, desk phones and other devices can be added to enable a more seamless set-up.

Reducing costs

In an ROI-driven world, reducing costs spent on technology is a priority. Using a cloud-based phone system can eliminate PBX maintenance costs, reduce support hours and eradicate upgrade fees.

Streamlining technology

Cloud based Universal Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the extension of cloud based telephony, integrating voice, video conferencing, chat and presences in a single solution. Simplifying technology making it easier for employees to use and easier for IT support to manage. Employees can enjoy a consistent experience across all devices without needing to switch between software or systems.

Pegasus Technology’s Solution

As we begin to adjust to the new norm, we realise that many Australian businesses are facing complete shutdowns.

Switching to Pegasus Technology’s unified communications solution is the simplest way to keep your team connected, collaborating and productive, regardless of where they are.

Here’s what our unified comms solution can do for your business right now:

  1. A simple and cost-effective solution that will support your business through the pandemic and enable it to survive and prosper in the future.
  2. Activate calls to and from the public network via your existing phone line and keep your current DIDs – you’ll be up and running within 48 hours using our FastPort service.
  3. Connect your team to a central platform for voice and voice conferencing, video conferencing, chat, screenshare, remote access and presence using a single application.
  4. Full integration with Microsoft Teams to support phone calls, meetings, chat, and presence within a system your business is already familiar with.
  5. Transition seamlessly between devices and have all communications synced, one number – one ring.
  6. Consumption based licenses, no lock-in contract and agile scaling – you can adjust your service quickly to manage peaks and downscale requirements.
  7. Enable advanced call features such as IVR, call forwarding, call routing, custom on-hold music and call recording to continue to provide a high level of service to your customers.
  8. The backing of Pegasus Technology’s management and support team which can manage the service for you.

Our personal lives may need to change, but our businesses don’t. Whether you’re looking to improve your business’s remote working policy with a cloud-based phone system, or you would like to save money and simplify, Pegasus Technology’s UCaaS Solution can help.